POSTCARD: Let’s Talk About War

When “mega corporate persons” decided there was profit in saying “Happy Holidays” (holy days), some declared there was a war on Christmas. They screamed about “winter break” or lack of a manger on county courthouse lawns (ours has a Christmas tree). The right to private religious practice seems inadequate to them.

There are even religious and political organizations that now challenge the long held stand for the separation of church and state in America,  boasting they will take their case all the way to the Supreme Court. But first they are taking their case to the people’s courts: the pulpit and Fnews.

These are pretty much the same people who say there is no war on women: that the hundreds of laws across this nation and in our Congress, throwing equal access to medical science back over 50 years for over half the population is not an attack; that the fact that some of us will actually die because of these laws does not make this combat; and that imposing their religious beliefs on different-believers is not un-American.

Now, just who has a war on their hands?


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