POSTCARD: Pink Slime and Jobs

I heard the pleading from Iowa governor Branstad that a couple of hundred jobs have been lost in his state because the public won’t tolerate pink slime in their beef. Add to this the recent USDA hinting concern, after decades of credible evidence, that routine use of antibiotics in livestock (made necessary by inhumane treatment that guarantees illness) causes harm to the down stream consumers, and the J-word it out again.

On Up With Chris Hayes this morning, Mark Bittman pointed to the obvious: when employment declines in an industry in favor, it’s a jobs issue, despite the fact that our ever-changing world will always make jobs go away. My mind raced to buggy whips.

Yet, when the Norquist Pledgers demand that the top tax-tier rates remain “cut”, and preserve designer loop holes for some corporations that keep them from paying taxes all together, the resulting  hundreds of thousands of job losses for public servants (conveniently dubbed “government”) like special ed teachers, librarians, school janitors, animal control, public health nurses, fire investigators, crime detectives, and those guys that fill in pot holes to name a few, is NOT a jobs issue, it  is an economic freedom issue.

Who really believes that?


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