POSTCARD: Taxes, Greed and Patriots

Let me start by saying that I believe paying taxes is patriotic and that I am happy to pay my fair share.

I paid more in taxes than almost half the households in America earned last year. That makes me angry, not because I paid too much, but because American labor is undervalued, because American jobs are scarce, and because this has come about by design.

Add to my anger equation the recent refusal of the lobby-controlled Congress to remove designer tax breaks and subsidies for big oil, the snarky defense of the top-tier that their money is special so should not be taxed like our not-special money, the blatant spin campaign to make us feel dirty if we question the greed at the top, and this red blooded American tax payer screams ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Most of that big corporate money does not consider itself American money, it sees itself as global money. The creepy people who lobby for its celebrity status don’t care what their success costs my family, friends or neighbors, let alone America herself.

When will we admit corporatists are not “Americans”, let alone patriots, and stop treating them like royalty?




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One response to “POSTCARD: Taxes, Greed and Patriots

  1. I like your posts and points of view!

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