WalMart Shoppers and Forced Abortion

A well-known forced abortion opponent,  Chen Guangcheng’s treatment by the U.S. embassy in Beijing and by Chinese officials is in the news. While some  of the anti-choice persuasion in America want to make political hay from the ginger treatment required in any international incident, I want to point to something more obvious.

Do these people shop at WalMart? Do they buy goods made in China? This is the communist, forced abortion / forced sterilization, land of infanticide (of girls), anti-civil rights nation that controls a good chunk of our economy: the 500 pound gorilla in the corner of our global fiscal demise; a major answer to the question, “where did our jobs go?”; the excuse we get for current gas prices; and the country surpassing ours in every socio economic indicator that matters. This is the country predicted to replace America as the first nation of the world. And we are their best customer.

When will we see that if we want to save lives we should start by saving America?


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