Scott Walker and Corporate Citizenship

“Dark Money” is the Seal Team 6 of the Citizens United Decision, the new wild card in our American Political Theatre.

It is bad enough that the party that claims to champion State’s rights has garnered 57% out-of-state funds to save their Wisconsin governor facing popular recall. But then, enter the corporate money hiding behind the skirts of PACs and SUPER PACs, and the interests of foreign investors now enter the political dialog as to who should govern in this democratic republic of ours.

I agree we should revisit the long road we traveled to this level of corporate personhood, however,  I do not buy the notion that personhood guarantees citizenship despite the clever name of the infamous case. Too many investor birth certificates (or should I say, passports) may make for global corporate persons: citizens of the world perhaps, but not America, let alone Wisconsin.

I think we can all agree that non-citizens should stay out of our politics, right, Florida? Arizona? North Carolina? ETC.


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One response to “Scott Walker and Corporate Citizenship

  1. Steve Flora

    Very much agreed ….

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