SCOTUS on notice

If advertising and marketing didn’t make a difference in sales, American business wouldn’t spend hundreds of billions of dollars on it every year.

By making money “speech”, by extending business (even global business) personhood to virtual citizenship and right to free speech, then going one further and giving these “special” business/persons/citizens unlimited money/speech rights (when “ordinary” citizens are limited in their money/speech rights), the Supreme Court has shown its colors.

Either the SCOTUS does not know the power of advertising and marketing in determining an outcome, or it has intentionally decided to unleash that power in the political arena in way that insures the scales tip to business.

Ignorant or biased? It does not matter to me.


Is it just me…

…or do the same people who believe there is a War on Christmas laugh at the notion that there is a War on Women?


If corporations are people, they are the creepy guy down the street

Corporate personages that cannot resist the urge for record profits, quarter after quarter, while taking public handouts, avoiding taxes, and watching the real citizens of America spiral down the economic chute created by global opportunism, are narcissistic beyond belief.

The narrative is clear: reckless REAL people caused the economic problems in America. The facts are more clear: K Street lobbyists and well placed campaign contributions keep the PERSONAGES in subsidies and tax cuts. They placated the gen-pop with a tax-cut decade of unfunded war that is now breath-taking debt that must be blamed on government, the favorite fall guy of global economy manipulators. Narrative: real people, not corporate personages, must pay the price for the governmental misdeeds. Fact: the marketing departments are working over-time to sell this one.

All this in the name of the one true god: PROFIT.

If personages wanted to help our economy (think American ingenuity, think WWII), they could. But the game is too tempting, the players too ruthless, and our lives too insignificant. A record market during the jobs blood bath is the proof. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE NARRATIVE.

If like me, you believe in real capitalism, you will demand that real people stop feeding this narcissistic beast posing as business. Any enterprise that needs to be supported by government exceptions while it gouges consumers during recession-depression is actually just a hobby, an egotistical obsession, and nobody’s friend. Just like the creepy junkie down the street.

Democracy is a team sport

The shame of the Wisconsin recall is that even the side that came out on top knows it did so with money, strategy, and motivation from everywhere in the country, and the world for that matter, except Wisconsin.

This not only proves that the “States’ Rights Party” IS NOT, it also proves that the money agenda trumps the democracy agenda in today’s political theatre.

People coming together could not stop the runaway train of money coming together. Multinational corporate personages with super citizen rights and MI-6 secret identities now get to make game changing financial input to otherwise unpopular people and causes. The think tanks crank out the concepts and the marketeers bring it home. The minions of money, the political talking heads called elected officials, get to take the credit, but they are no more responsible than any other cog in this machine. They are  shiny hood ornements on the corporate personage’s vehicle to total control of the country through self serving economic mischief. They have control. They define the game.

If votes are to replace dollars as the currency of our democracy, then it is our job to redefine the game to one that cannot be bought and sold. This change may be awkward, but I happen to believe in American ingenuity. I believe that if we stop bickering amongst ourselves and set to it, we can figure out how, together, we can free ourselves from the economic grip of these democracy killers, and build a sustainable prosperity based on the unity of the many strong communities that make up this proud nation. Let’s play that game. GAME ON!

Q: If Democracy is a team sport, does that make it socialist?

HE can’t do anything right: not even leak secrets for gain

I cannot be the only person in America who laughed out loud when some in Congress accused the White House (with all due fanfare) of leaking TOP SECRET information for political gain.

Good grief. The Bush White House didn’t leak, it gushed to the New York Times in the rush to war in Iraq. I still snicker when I hear, “unnamed sources inside the White House”. And it took a past-his-prime Robert Novak to take the bait (declined by many) that outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and ended a career long covert operation as an act of spite. This mischief ended up with charges, conviction, and a pardon.

It is beginning to look as though journalists, not the White House, are to blame today. Regardless, shame on you, finger pointers. The POTUS is apparently wrong if he does NOT follow your lead, and now, he is apparently wrong even if he DOES.

STAPLES and white rice

Big box biz stores have lowered the bar on consumer expectations for quality and service by defining “success” as providing the least possible product or service still tolerable to the customer.

Gone are the days of getting help selecting the right legal form from the business stationary section. Gone are the days of being able to buy paper products made in your own timber state, or your own country, for that matter.

Somehow a hanger full of middle of the road choices made in China staffed with low wage part timers with a blue tooth in their ear is an improvement. All the stationary stores are gone, of course, the glitz of the big box having made them look like the wand shop in Daigon Alley, the small business “magicians” that ran them reduced to myth.

But I say the opposite. Money wranglers repeatedly take from the finest business menu in the world and reduce it to white rice.