STAPLES and white rice

Big box biz stores have lowered the bar on consumer expectations for quality and service by defining “success” as providing the least possible product or service still tolerable to the customer.

Gone are the days of getting help selecting the right legal form from the business stationary section. Gone are the days of being able to buy paper products made in your own timber state, or your own country, for that matter.

Somehow a hanger full of middle of the road choices made in China staffed with low wage part timers with a blue tooth in their ear is an improvement. All the stationary stores are gone, of course, the glitz of the big box having made them look like the wand shop in Daigon Alley, the small business “magicians” that ran them reduced to myth.

But I say the opposite. Money wranglers repeatedly take from the finest business menu in the world and reduce it to white rice.


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Not so quietly retired.

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