HE can’t do anything right: not even leak secrets for gain

I cannot be the only person in America who laughed out loud when some in Congress accused the White House (with all due fanfare) of leaking TOP SECRET information for political gain.

Good grief. The Bush White House didn’t leak, it gushed to the New York Times in the rush to war in Iraq. I still snicker when I hear, “unnamed sources inside the White House”. And it took a past-his-prime Robert Novak to take the bait (declined by many) that outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and ended a career long covert operation as an act of spite. This mischief ended up with charges, conviction, and a pardon.

It is beginning to look as though journalists, not the White House, are to blame today. Regardless, shame on you, finger pointers. The POTUS is apparently wrong if he does NOT follow your lead, and now, he is apparently wrong even if he DOES.


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