Democracy is a team sport

The shame of the Wisconsin recall is that even the side that came out on top knows it did so with money, strategy, and motivation from everywhere in the country, and the world for that matter, except Wisconsin.

This not only proves that the “States’ Rights Party” IS NOT, it also proves that the money agenda trumps the democracy agenda in today’s political theatre.

People coming together could not stop the runaway train of money coming together. Multinational corporate personages with super citizen rights and MI-6 secret identities now get to make game changing financial input to otherwise unpopular people and causes. The think tanks crank out the concepts and the marketeers bring it home. The minions of money, the political talking heads called elected officials, get to take the credit, but they are no more responsible than any other cog in this machine. They are  shiny hood ornements on the corporate personage’s vehicle to total control of the country through self serving economic mischief. They have control. They define the game.

If votes are to replace dollars as the currency of our democracy, then it is our job to redefine the game to one that cannot be bought and sold. This change may be awkward, but I happen to believe in American ingenuity. I believe that if we stop bickering amongst ourselves and set to it, we can figure out how, together, we can free ourselves from the economic grip of these democracy killers, and build a sustainable prosperity based on the unity of the many strong communities that make up this proud nation. Let’s play that game. GAME ON!

Q: If Democracy is a team sport, does that make it socialist?


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