If corporations are people, they are the creepy guy down the street

Corporate personages that cannot resist the urge for record profits, quarter after quarter, while taking public handouts, avoiding taxes, and watching the real citizens of America spiral down the economic chute created by global opportunism, are narcissistic beyond belief.

The narrative is clear: reckless REAL people caused the economic problems in America. The facts are more clear: K Street lobbyists and well placed campaign contributions keep the PERSONAGES in subsidies and tax cuts. They placated the gen-pop with a tax-cut decade of unfunded war that is now breath-taking debt that must be blamed on government, the favorite fall guy of global economy manipulators. Narrative: real people, not corporate personages, must pay the price for the governmental misdeeds. Fact: the marketing departments are working over-time to sell this one.

All this in the name of the one true god: PROFIT.

If personages wanted to help our economy (think American ingenuity, think WWII), they could. But the game is too tempting, the players too ruthless, and our lives too insignificant. A record market during the jobs blood bath is the proof. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE NARRATIVE.

If like me, you believe in real capitalism, you will demand that real people stop feeding this narcissistic beast posing as business. Any enterprise that needs to be supported by government exceptions while it gouges consumers during recession-depression is actually just a hobby, an egotistical obsession, and nobody’s friend. Just like the creepy junkie down the street.


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