Surplus-Based Tax Cuts in Deficit Times

Agree with Bush tax cuts or not, at least there was a budget surplus at their inception. Some wanted to pay down the debt instead….

But keeping the surplus-based tax cuts after going to war was like my deciding to buy a yacht after choosing to work part time! War without war tax (a first) was the beginning of the end of any meaningful budget or debt management in Washington, DC.

Private money has been spent on lobbyists, special interest groups, and candidate election funds, all intended to coax America to suspend financial reason for over a decade. It  has been expensive beyond belief, but the best investment the 1% could have made: they are over the moon; We the People are under the bus.

I am going to count to three. We will all wake up, feeling refreshed, and ready to end these suicidal tax cuts. One… two… THREE!


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