A Labor Day Shout Out to the Unemployed

This weekend, while businesses coax us away from the TV or BBQ long enough to buy something on sale, maybe even on credit, my thoughts will be on those who don’t have much to celebrate right now.

You can fact-check me on this: the American worker – public or private; organized or at-will; full- or part-time; man, woman, or child; homeowner or renter; regardless of race, nationality, or creed – did not create this recession.

But here we are, so very many, the beneficiaries of financial and economic mischief from “above”. This IS what trickle down looks like: bad economic news flows to ground, while good economic news seems to hover. Brought on by an infestation of “wealth-builders” who call themselves “job-creators”, things look like they could get worse before they get better.

To the 12+ million unemployed, and countless others who rely on public assistance and the kindness of others to get by, I promise to do everything I can to end this political storm of short-sighted self-interest, and restore a government that values the sanctity of the United States of America and the dignity of all her citizens.

The American Way is more than a pep rally for a business proposition.


Rough seas for America

Our ship of state has been dragging the anchor of an obstructive Congress ever since the new president took office. Tonight I had to listen to one of these lead weights tell the television cameras that the same thinking that dug a furrow in economic bottoms for the last three and a half years should now be hoisted up, and put in the captain’s chair. I don’t think so.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican; and I am not a fool. Every problem in America that this Congress of ours has refused to try to solve was blamed on the POTUS tonight. Mr. Ryan was quite the salesman but I was not convinced: rather, I was insulted by his clinging to rocky talking points from the deep.

“Cut and run” is a boating term: when danger is at hand, and you cannot free the anchor, it is better to sever the line and head for safety than to waste time salvaging your investment in mere hardware. Mr. Ryan helped me make my decision tonight: I’m cutting this nominee and his presidential candidate loose.

Citizenship for Zygotes – so what?

The robo-partisans want to extend 14TH Amendment constitutional rights to zygotes: citizenship for the fertilized egg. Big deal.

I can own a gun – lots of guns. I can shoot and kill a citizen who breaks in to my house or scares me on the street.  I have the gun: the perception of threat is mine. The NRA and ALEC tell me so.

I guess if we recognized rape pregnancies as intruders, or any untimely pregnancy as scary – citizen or not – I should have the right to defend myself. The perception of threat should be mine.

The catch? I think the robo-partisans would have to accept my rights if only doctors used a tiny tiny tiny little gun to end the pregnancy, preferably one purchased at an ALEC – NRA member outlet.

West Nile is a SMARTY PANTS Plague

A perfect storm: the introduction of a new microbial bad actor; no tax money for county services like vector control; and too many foreclosures on homes with swimming pools or property with too many places for water to collect.

It was just a matter of time before the West Nile Virus made the logarithmic shift toward deadly. For every life lost there are many cases of life long disability. For every reported case there are many unreported cases. The numbers “of interest” are only just beginning.

The joke here is that public health is about THE PUBLIC. We learned long ago that we can prevent plagues if we pool our resources and apply good science and common sense in preventive ways.

Smarty pants, tax-hating, self-centered, Ayn Rand wannabes think pooling resources for the public good is not in their self interest. Likewise, making the banks (businesses) that cast people from their homes and property BE RESPONSIBLE for the mosquito breeding grounds (that they now own) is excessive. Some even question the science.

Just like the plantation owners who would go north to avoid malaria every summer, many will not have to face  the consequences of their own acts of self interest. The rest of us will be acceptable collateral damage in the war on taxes: the war on public health – our will and ability to pool resources to solve problems together.