Rough seas for America

Our ship of state has been dragging the anchor of an obstructive Congress ever since the new president took office. Tonight I had to listen to one of these lead weights tell the television cameras that the same thinking that dug a furrow in economic bottoms for the last three and a half years should now be hoisted up, and put in the captain’s chair. I don’t think so.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican; and I am not a fool. Every problem in America that this Congress of ours has refused to try to solve was blamed on the POTUS tonight. Mr. Ryan was quite the salesman but I was not convinced: rather, I was insulted by his clinging to rocky talking points from the deep.

“Cut and run” is a boating term: when danger is at hand, and you cannot free the anchor, it is better to sever the line and head for safety than to waste time salvaging your investment in mere hardware. Mr. Ryan helped me make my decision tonight: I’m cutting this nominee and his presidential candidate loose.


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