David Brooks and Date Rape

New York Times columnist David Brooks told the world Monday that he thinks voting for a guy that has a chance of being accepted by the obstructionist, grid-lock Congress will reap bigger rewards than voting for the guy with all the ideas they work so hard to stop.

Isn’t that like telling your daughter that if her date wants more than she is willing to give, she should submit, and things will work out for the best?

How is giving in to the demands of the Stop-Obama-At-Any-Cost-Congress not like giving in to date rape? Or paying kidnaping ransom? Or negotiating with terrorists? Or at least giving your lunch money to bullies?

We try to teach our children to do the right thing even when it is hard. I don’t recall teaching my kids the fine arts of  sabotaging your opponent, then lying in wait to take their place when they or their followers have given up.

I will not reward the well established pattern of bad behavior in Congress, State Legislatures, or anywhere else by caving-in and supporting their chosen candidates.


Tax Cuts and Date Night

Parents know that when the kids begin to date, school nights are out and weekends are in. There are exceptions, of course, but we know that kids need sleep if they are going to try to learn something in the morning.

I say peace and prosperity tax cuts are just like date night: they should only happen when the conditions are appropriate. The continuation of these tax cuts during time of war and recession makes about as much sense as letting your kids go to a rave the night before their final exams.

And, as every parent knows, once it looks like the exception has become  the rule, you have a battle on your hands that you may never really win.

But when I try to be the adult in the room and point out the obvious about tax cuts (that the conditions are not right, and the exception has become the rule), you would think I was standing in the lunch line at school badmouthing the rave:  the “partiers” doth protesteth too much, methinks.

Dear Employees, I gladly impart my wisdom: pay attention!

Dear Employees:

In this country of ours it is important to vote for the candidate of your choice. But today, more than ever, your future employment with this company depends upon how you vote.

Our shareholders, executives, corporate officers, and I have gotten used to the lifestyle afforded by today’s generous tax climate. The wrong vote could change all that.

And the idea that we might have to provide equal pay for equal work, include health insurance in your compensation, contribute to the social safety net, or help pay down the debt seems so ordinary, and not attractive to investors.

You should be grateful we haven’t sent your jobs overseas or brought in guest workers already! The wrong vote just might make us change our minds.

After all, it is money that makes money in this country, and if you want us to continue to include you in our business plans, I suggest you think twice before you make us cranky.

Best wishes for smart voting and future employment,             THE BOSS

BIG Government Hates the Vote – So VOTE

If this republic’s democracy is a team sport, what is “the game” if it is to be won by disqualifying the players?

I’m afraid it has become more like a fairy tale. The wolf in sheep’s clothing, voter suppression costumed as anti-voter fraud, is the best example of the worst a Big Bad Gov has to offer: wasting tax payers’ money to fix something that isn’t  broken.

Here’s an idea: vote out the micro-managers (the trolls under the bridge). It’s like firing a bad boss!

VOTE. Vote with a buddy or in a group. Vote early. Use your phone to photo or video anyone who tries to stop you. Ask for names on camera. Call 866-OUR-VOTE for immediate help with state-specific details. (Be prepared by going to www.866ourvote.org now.)

Heck, yell to the crowd if you have to, “Can anyone help me vote?” and see if some hero comes to the rescue! If you hear someone yell out, at least yell back, “LET HER VOTE!”. (Let’s get this back to a team sport.) Don’t leave without voting, even if it is a provisional ballot. VOTE.

Do you think I’m crying wolf? I’m afraid this creepy story is just beginning.

Mighty Mitt is not my man.

If, like me, you hit the glass ceiling during your career, you know it was guys like the Republican presidential candidate that made that ceiling and keep it in place.

Bold, agressive, not letting the rules or common courtesy get in the way, they can “love” you and still fire you – the reasons are not up for  discussion and your contribution to the whole is an inconvenient truth.

Q: When did “aggressive” become synonymous with “powerful” or “bully” become synonymous with “leader”?  A: When politics became the blood sport called high level sales. Enough with the sports analogies! Candidate Romney is not a gladiator, he is a closer.

I, like many women executives, was a team player. I believe the creative tension in our country can ignite the American ingenuity that never met a problem it could not solve.

But what I saw Wednesday night was a Big Dog in a china shop, with a commanding bark and a tail that wiped out priceless objects as it wagged in self approval.

I rejected short-sighted corporatist thinking in business: there is no way I will put it in the White House.

Put your money where your mouth is, American-Military-Might Types

Ever since Condie Rice came out for ‘greater strength around the world’ at the GOP convention, right up to Mr. Romney’s endorsement of the same ‘world-enforcer’ position in the debate last night, I have been asking myself,  “How are these don’t-tax-ME-patriots going to pay for their big ideas?” Since they won’t tell me their financing plan, I’m going to tell them my four terms of agreement.

1. SAY YES TO WAR TAX, the good old-fashioned  kind that is top heavy, and enough to pay the actual costs. This presumes the peace and prosperity tax cuts, loopholes, and incentives still in place during time of war and recession, are ended.

2. SAY NO TO WAR PROFITEERING. Ike warned us that war would become a cash-cow when military contractors were allowed a profit! He was right.

3. SAY YES TO THE DRAFT. Yes, the real draft, the one where even Elvis takes a turn. Our fifth- and sixth-tour veterans are a national shame. And how they are treated when they just finally come home is an even greater shame.

4. SAY NO TO THE PRIVATE ARMY. No more contractor soldiers. No more State Department force not under the control of the Pentagon. No more mercenaries in tow with FEMA. Privatization has no place in our budget when it comes to “providing for the common defense”, a constitutional charge.

Something tells me that after we start paying-as-we-go for our bravery, after we take away the profit motive, after everyone has the “opportunity” to serve, and after the control of all of our forces is returned to the Commander-in-Chief, the rush to spend for “military might” will wane.