Dear Employees, I gladly impart my wisdom: pay attention!

Dear Employees:

In this country of ours it is important to vote for the candidate of your choice. But today, more than ever, your future employment with this company depends upon how you vote.

Our shareholders, executives, corporate officers, and I have gotten used to the lifestyle afforded by today’s generous tax climate. The wrong vote could change all that.

And the idea that we might have to provide equal pay for equal work, include health insurance in your compensation, contribute to the social safety net, or help pay down the debt seems so ordinary, and not attractive to investors.

You should be grateful we haven’t sent your jobs overseas or brought in guest workers already! The wrong vote just might make us change our minds.

After all, it is money that makes money in this country, and if you want us to continue to include you in our business plans, I suggest you think twice before you make us cranky.

Best wishes for smart voting and future employment,             THE BOSS


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4 responses to “Dear Employees, I gladly impart my wisdom: pay attention!

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  2. Dear Boss. Jesus overturned money tables because he wanted humanity to give up money. Humanity working together helping each other is much more powerful than your idea of you own it, and get to control the rest of us. In fact, once there is no more counting of money, there will be no taxes, profits, budgets, or bank accounts. There will be no investments, acquisitions, or liquidations. There will be only production, and everything else the human race can do, including expanding out into the universe. If you wish to protect your right to not only set yourself up to profit from, but also enslave others through our politics, then unfortunately it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for you to not get slaughtered in the coming revolution that will reset the world. I sure wish we could do what is best, and what is right for everybody and avoid that sure fate for you, but unfortunately, you folks won’t see past your own greed before everything is taken from you just like thousands of other times throughout history when the rich got overly arrogant and controlling. If you wish to work with the human race toward a better tomorrow, instead of trashing our world for your profits, then you best be voting Democrat, and enriching others, so that they can afford enrich you back!

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