Say NO to Citizens United: VOTE

Congratulations, Citizens United, you have succeeded in making voting a very nasty political issue. Not since the 60s has this country seen such vilification of those who would seek their lawful right to elect their representatives.

Whether financially fueling “legal” harassment like the national campaign True the Vote (aka: self-righteous-know-it-alls-out-to-prove-that creepy-people-cheat-at-the-polls), or kicking in the afterburners for all the ALEC initiated cramp-the-vote efforts in too many states, it is progressively more difficult for the mean spirited side of big money to hide its fangs.

A newly exposed mega-anti-vote cash conduit, anonymous to most, can now be tracked back via the Einhorn Foundation (infamous for the Voter Fraud is a Felony billboards in minority neighborhoods) among others, to the Bradley Foundation (a pot of gold that dwarfs the Koch Bros.), ending forever the question, “Is this a strategy?”

A nouveau-naughty-republican strategy to be more specific. “They” are powerful enough to defy any narrative attempting to give them a name that sticks. Yet we all know too many old school Rs (RINOs, for pity’s sake) mowed down by their party’s change in rhetoric toward exclusivity and actions that denigrate, rather than empower, the citizens of this republic’s democracy. It is as though they are all being swept away by a money-god-power tsunami.

Which is why I was so pleased that, when I voted by mail last week, my ballot included the question, “Shall the City urge elected representatives to support Constitutional Amendment denying artificial entities’ personhood and rejecting money as speech?”

I voted YES. Your days are numbered, Citizens United. Count on it.


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