The FISCAL OBSTACLE COURSE is a sign of past failures – or is it?

The so called ‘Fiscal Cliff’ may not be a cliff at all. The Economic Policy Institute calls it The Fiscal Obstacle Course. This morning the National Priorities Project gave a simple definition of what our elected officials face:

“Fiscal cliff” refers to a host of different federal budget cuts and tax increases that are all scheduled to take effect at the start of 2013. These looming budget cuts and tax increases are referred to as a “cliff” because, if they all actually took effect in 2013, it would be a major setback for our weak economy.” This is a puzzle an adult should be able to solve, but would an adult have made this mess in the first place? We can do better than this.

Those folks in DC are our surrogates. We the People elected them to speak our voices to action. The childish histrionics we face today are a function of the failure of the Super Committee (and the Congress that created it) to represent US, and a function of their subversive success in representing their preferred constituency: big money.

The Coffee Party is the stand for Tax Code Reform because today’s code is a perfect expression of that breach of trust.

TAX CODE REFORM BEGINS with our actions as individuals and as Coffee Party – alone and in collaboration with other good government organizations – to let our surrogates in the House, Senate, and White House know what WE expect.

Call them. Fax them. Email them. Send them postcards. Attend town halls. Be informed, engaged, and in communication now and for the rest of your life. Recall those who fail to maintain your trust. Campaign for those you trust the most. Welcome to citizen participation, the magic that makes this republic’s democracy work for us all.


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2 responses to “The FISCAL OBSTACLE COURSE is a sign of past failures – or is it?

  1. How about the theory that no progress (false stalemates) serve those who are benefiting from the status quo. And political crises are the best way to motivate contributions. Another card for another time?

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