The Anorexic Nature of Austerity


Choosing to not eat has long been recognised as a mental health disorder that is more about taking control than about weight management. Each refused bite of nourishment may feel like success in the moment, but long term health prospects diminish by the day: too many are lost or damaged to consider “anorexia” a healthy strategy.

Every time I see an affluent and influential talking-head on TV suggest that “we” should take control in the short term by refusing to spend on those things that nourish this body of citizens, I am reminded of how dysfunctional, destructive, and seductive success in the moment can be: I believe “austerity” is an economic mental health disorder.

For the sake of ALL Americans, Congress needs to do some healthy, long term thinking. NOW.


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5 responses to “The Anorexic Nature of Austerity

  1. Hey Business Lady. I just heard again someone saying that business people can’t make investments until they know the future. I believe the argument is that as long as we aren’t addressing the debt/deficit, these folks will worry their taxes are going to be raised so won’t invest and therefore the economy won’t grow. What part of this is legit, and what would be an adequate/appropriate policy response? Seems to be an argument for a stable long-term policy/strategy.

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  3. trsedwards

    This is a marvelous insight. Thank you.

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