This is not a budget, this is DANCING FOR DOLLARS, where the hired guns formerly known as our elected shoot it out until time runs out, pleasing their contributors and kicking their constituents to the curb. Fault? Ours. We have allowed our political system to become addicted to campaign cash. We need to restore publicly funded campaigns so our Congress works for US.


Restore Justice to Law

I have to constantly remind myself that what is LEGAL and what is JUST are only coincidentally related.

The law can and should change as a society evolves. But in our country today, too many legal adjustments have to do with creating advantage over others. Add the example that “tax cuts” become “more taxes” when they expire, the bigger picture is that justice, in the language of law and in the language of society, are on the chopping block. Those powerful enough (wealthy enough) now manipulate words in order to gain benefit and control.

“If you see something, say something.” I see greedy people with dangerous power who cannot and will never see me. I see me, I see you, I see all Americans joining together to restore justice to law.

What do you see? 

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Dear Mr. President: About the Sequester….

Dear Mr. President:

 I have high confidence in the statistics that show American financial peril is due to the perfect storm of war with no war tax, maintaining temporary tax cuts during time of war, and the ever-expanding power of well financed special interests to legislate ways to not pay, or to collect subsidies from, taxes. The Sequester addresses none of these.

I believe that those who benefited from any of the three causes of deficit and debt above should be the ones charged with correcting the financial problems they created. Childhood immunizations will NEVER be a waste. Cash back tax positions for businesses having record profits quarter after quarter is ALWAYS a waste.

I am not interested in telling you to run the country like a business: although the business answer to our cash problem would be to increase the price of the product, especially given the decade of cost cutting that preceded the austerity racket, and the unwarranted discounts that have been given to the wealthiest among us over the same period of time.

I am not interested in telling you to run the country like a family: remedies taken by people who get along and try to support each other through tough times will not work in America today given the massive campaign to create a narrative that divides us into various flavors of “takers” and the sainted group of “havers”.

I am asking you to run the country like a government who intends to be of service to all its citizens for the next 200 years: to speak for all of us as we restore economic sanity to the United States and to the world.

Money will morph to follow opportunity. It is time to stop allowing our nation to be a profit center for gifted money gamers. Campaign Finance Reform will free the elected from the daily business of fundraising and remove any accusation of voting their gratitude. Tax Code Reform that addresses dodgy special considerations will allow an honest picture of revenue expectations and empower the creation of a meaningful budget. Honest Wall Street Reform will end the reign of terror the financial industry wages against every day Americans. I, for one, will never forget the shot across our bow when the market dropped 6,000 points in a week after Congress voted NO on the bailout: a small ballroom of people are holding this nation hostage.

I am asking that you start by interrupting the Sequester now, and move with haste to support Campaign Finance Reform, Tax Code Reform, and Wall Street Reform. America does not have much time.

I am counting on you to do your part. You can count on me to do mine.



Done with bipartisan.

BIPARTISAN is a code word.

It has two prerequisites: partisanship-gone-wild, and exclusion of all third parties.

A TRANSPARTISAN approach abandons blind loyalty and lesser-of-evils thinking in favor of issue-based problem solving by results-oriented participants from the many diverse perspectives that America has to offer.

Which strategy will save the day for this republic’s democracy?

E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One)


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Our elected are not free to represent us.


Washington DC is addicted to campaign contributions. It is time for an intervention. We must return to publicly funded campaigns if we want our votes to matter more than their cash. This is not a partisan statement: it is an indictment of the system.

Free the elected! Change the world. NOW!

This isn’t funny anymore.

This isn't funny anymore.

Poster by Jeanene Louden
Photo – “Sad Clown” by Onanymous