Real Citizens Must Act Now

Land of the free and home of the brave. When did it become America’s job to make multi national corporations safe and profitable?

The general welfare, another patriotic catch all, is about citizens. Twist it however you want, the Citizens United decision strengthened corporate personhood, but did not make them citizens. Technically, it made them super citizens, allowing for rights of speech and politics far beyond that of mortal man, or should I say,  mortal citizen.

Making prosperity exclusive, then linking citizen rights to prosperity, is very clever. But by now most of us have seen through this magical illusion and must admit that corporations do not represent us, they represent cash.

American ingenuity, the American worker, the American culture (including the right to vote), in general, the American dream, define us and are ideals for real citizens to nurture and defend in this republic’s democracy.

Until recently, prosperity has been a byproduct of these things, not their creator.


Those we elect to office will not remember this until we put a stop to the corrupt system of influence that comes hand in hand with super citizen campaign contributions and it’s companion, second hand speech (dark money).

#FreeTheElected with publicly funded campaigns. America still has a chance.


No Faux Filibuster for Wendy Davis

Texas Governor Perry has publicly chided Representative Wendy Davis after her now famous 11 hour special session filibuster. I’m confused.

At the federal level, it is a tactic of choice. The 111th Congress set a record for filibusters. The 112th broke that record. In so doing, they both set records for ineffectiveness that has spawned a 79% Gallup DISapproval rating.

Also called a faux filibuster, the 113th Congress is hearing calls to restore the need to stand at the podium and speak rather than just take a vote. This notion is going nowhere fast. Making every vote require a super majority is a fashionable minority trend.

Representative Davis restored the filibuster to its old glory. Criticize all you want, but this is what we the people want.

Do you agree? Image


(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

More DANCING for DOLLARS at the Expense of Women

More DANCING for DOLLARS in DC: yesterday’s House vote on the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” is nothing more than a cash cow. Have you had enough of this? I have.

There are millions of dollars worth of campaign contributions to be made by NOT resolving the issue of a woman’s right to choose when she will give birth. Both sides of the political drama benefit, but we, the people out here in reality land, become collateral damage.

Women who seek terminations at 20 weeks or beyond have serious medical conditions that are exacerbated to life threatening status by pregnancy. If an exception is actually given for such cases, all cases will end up as exceptions EXCEPT women without access to primary, let alone specialized, care. It should have been called the “Death to Poor Women With a Life Threatening Pregnancy Act.”


By the way, what about a Pain-Capable BORN Child Protection Act? No campaign contributions for that one?  Didn’t think so.