Hoody for Trayvon, Orange for Women

Today my avatar sports a hoody for Trayvon and is colored orange for women. These two issues are VERY related.

As a woman I know that if a stranger stalked me in his SUV, got out and approached me (with or without a gun) I would run. If he caught me I would fight with everything I had. And, if he shot and killed me he would be innocent in Florida. Yet not so long ago a Florida woman fired a warning shot at her abusive husband and got 20 years. This is not a good example of justice but it is the law.

The law is just whatever the lawmakers make it.

As citizens we need to make the connection between things like gerrymandering, big campaign funders, and the fact that the monied elite draft, distribute, and lobby for law that supports their business strategies.

“Shoot first ask questions later” laws were brought to state legislatures in 2005 by ALEC and its benefactors. In this case, the NRA and its benefactors.

Manipulating the law to sell weapons and ammo is no different than manipulating the law to sell ambulatory surgical center services. Both came from the same place, as did voter suppression strategies. It may not make sense on the surface, it may not even be ethical or moral, but it is legal and it is profitable.

One giant leap for plutocracy… for now. We will #FreeTheElected from the control of big business campaign funders and stop this fashionable trend of law for profit.



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7 responses to “Hoody for Trayvon, Orange for Women

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  3. Broncorider

    The difference between your scenario and the Martin/Zimmerman scenario is that neither one of these idiots RAN! Martin had four minutes during which he circled back to confront the other idiot, Zimmerman, who should have stayed in his car to begin with. So there you have it, morons colliding in the night, each with his own “baggage”. Happens every day in America, this one was blown into polarization with the media.

  4. I’m sorry but your rendition of being chased, caught and killed is at complete odds with the Zimmerman case. I am sick and tired of people misrepresenting the facts of the case. The all woman jury in the case got to see most but not all of the facts of the case. If they were allowed to see the information from Trayvon’s cell phone and protected criminal and school records, they would have come to a verdict even sooner of not guilty.

    Your support of Trayvon is basically saying you support drug use by kids, burglary and theft by kids, vandalism by kids, fist fighting by kids (not just the Zimmerman fight either), and illegal ownership of guns by kids. That is what the all woman jury didn’t know about Trayvon. Even the fact that THC was in Trayvon’s blood wasn’t brought up. Even Trayvon’s brother had tweeted that Trayvon was going to show him how to fight and win. Trayvon even boasted about knowing how to bust someone’s nose to make it bleed. Even the fact that the police chief who refused to bow to political pressure to bring a case was fired, that the investigator who refused was demoted to patrolman, and that the IT whistle-blower who testified that the prosecution wasn’t handing evidence over in accordance to the law was fired, was never known to the jury. Why?

    What the all woman jury did know, is that Trayvon was actually a visitor to the area, walking into a gated community at night in the dark in the rain. They also know Trayvon saw Zimmerman park, walked up to Zimmerman’s car while looking at him, then continued past, still watching Zimmerman. He then darted to between the apartments where it was dark. From this point to his dad’s house was just 400 feet. Zimmerman lost sight, so he got out to look and see which way he went between the apartments. The girl Trayvon was talking to on the phone noted he said he was at his dad’s house after losing Zimmerman.

    So here’s the question. If Trayvon knew he lost Zimmerman and he was in front of his dad’s house 400 feet from Zimmerman, why didn’t he just go into his dad’s house? Why did he walk back that 400 feet and confront Zimmerman in the very dark alley? The time between losing Zimmerman, getting to his dad’s house, and the confrontation with Zimmerman, was 4 minutes. Was Trayvon really fearing for his life standing in front of his dad’s place?

    That was the Ah ha moment for the all woman jury. They saw the situation for what it was. Trayvon lured Zimmerman into a dark alley, and decided to go back and have some fun beating the hell out of him. Trayvon, with a 5 inch height advantage knew he could easily take this “Crazy ass Cracker” down. When the all woman jury put themselves in that position, they knew they would have shot Trayvon much sooner. They knew they wouldn’t have survived the continuous felony aggravated assault by Trayvon.

    To say otherwise… well.. really is an insult to the thousands of innocent women and men out there who end up dead at the hands of thugs and criminals, due to not having that gun to protect themselves. The gun IS the great equalizer for millions more innocent folks protecting themselves. It’s why I have such disdain for the gun control folks who say we just need to make it a bit harder for the law abiding to protect themselves. As we see, that reasoning is working so well in Chicago.

  5. A Critic

    ““Shoot first ask questions later” laws were brought to state legislatures in 2005 by ALEC and its benefactors. In this case, the NRA and its benefactors.”

    Those laws weren’t relevant to the Martin shooting. The ancient law of self-defense was.

  6. afdsfs

    So what if some guy that has been picking on women in the neighborhood was walking around, and you stupidly decide to follow him. He gets you on the ground and starts beating you, smashing your head into the concrete. Fearing for your life, you pull out a gun that you had and shoot him. Should you get Murder1? Murder2? Manslaughter?

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