The Tyranny of the Minority

How is it working for you? 

This trend is not about what political party you call your own, it is about the ability of a small percentage of Americans to impose their will on all of US, regardless of political affiliation. Gerrymandering, phony filibusters, a steadfast commitment to “the plan”, and a seemingly endless war chest keep the champions of the minority in control. 

Despite popular opinion as measured by many credible polling groups, efforts like tax cuts, the sequester, budget cuts, corporate subsidies, and gutting the social safety net endure. Add self serving super-strategies like the WAR ON THE VOTE and it feels like the ship of state is adrift. Add lobbying, controlling the media, and bankrolling the faithful, and the majority of US are less and less significant players in this republic’s democracy. 

Again, how is this working for you? 



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3 responses to “The Tyranny of the Minority

  1. It’s failing all of us, and failing us miserably unless you’re in the 1 or 2%. The sad part is that far too many of our fellow Americans allow themselves to be duped into voting against their own social and economic self-interests. Some even seem to take pride in their willful ignorance of the facts of the matters you cite. Progressives who do not vote are to blame, too. I’m convinced that if just a few more percent of them voted, we would see far fewer extremists in office.

  2. Reblogged this on Did You Check First? and commented:
    I believe this country is lot more progressive than what is reflected in our elected officials. We’d see a lot more progressive governance if more of my fellow progressives voted in every election.

  3. It is a swansong for sure and a scorched earth retreat. But they have created some problems for themselves by gerrymandering dangerously thin majorities in areas that are experiencing movement toward the left. We just have to hope they have some more doozies for us in 2014, such as “legitimate rape.”

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