What They Are Not Saying About the Decision to Invade Iraq

I am concerned about what I am not hearing from presidential candidates when asked if they would have invaded Iraq “knowing what we know now”.


No one is talking about how “what we knew then” included hundreds of thousands of The People, demonstrating in hundreds of rallies across America. Add to that the hundreds of thousands that demonstrated around the globe, and regretting having ignored the public is a big missing in the answers.

No one is talking about the plethora of polls, op-eds, blogs, letters to the editor and petitions that questioned the case for weapons of mass destruction (WMD). It is as though the only information available was given at the podium at the United Nations by a man who is now publicly upset by how he was misled.

No one is talking about the interpretation, ‘we found no WMD, therefore there must be WMD’. Somehow blocking inspectors was the equivalent of a guilty plea. Those who called for enforced inspections are not included in the answers.

No one is talking about the member of the diplomatic corps who had intelligence debunking the “yellow cake” threat, and that his CIA operative wife (and her entire cover organization) was outed in the process of making a case for ignoring his input. The fact that he was correct goes unaddressed.

Perhaps you can add to the list of “facts” ignored in the answers given. It does not appear that any presidential candidate will do so any time soon.

Image thanks to:  http://www.commondreams.org/views/2013/02/15/february-15-2003-day-world-said-no-war

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