Irony: We Mourn As We Demand Better

Why we mourn.

An Amtrak train traveling from Washington D.C. to New York City derailed as it rounding a curve in Philadelphia shortly after 9 p.m Tuesday night. Five crew members and 243 passengers were on board. Seven are dead and countless are injured. Officials will investigate, but the speed of the train and the condition of the tracks are the leading contenders for the cause of this tragedy.


What we demand.

Long on the schedule for May 13th has been a Rally to Rebuild America. #RebuildRenew is a public request for government spending on our disintegrating infrastructure.


From the Facebook event page: Federal transportation funding, including America’s Mass Transit Account, runs out starting May 31. Another short-term fix is not the solution! Be part of the solution by helping us reach our goal to send 10,000 letters to members of Congress.

I’m writing a letter. And you?

Image thanks to WGAL News 8.

To Change ….

To Change

Dear Congress: this is not Common Ground

Dear Congress:

I refuse to be grateful that you did not shut down the government – again. I refuse to be grateful for attacking military pensions, kicking the unemployed to the curb, or every other “pound of flesh” you cut so the wealthiest among us continue to be protected from the taxes they used to pay (that you call “new” taxes).

I will be grateful if ALL OF YOU stop using the currently fashionable term, “Common Ground”. You stole that phrase from the people. To US it means finding things we agree are out of whack and creating solutions based on the needs of us all. It implies a belief in this republic’s democratic process, the willingness to step over political labels, and freedom from “behind the curtain” puppet masters. It does not mean, “using money and political influence to support the few while marginalizing the beliefs and desires of the many”.

This year has been all about the latter, a tyranny of the minority. I suggest a new year’s resolution to actually seek the people’s common ground . Think coffee shop logic, not DC cocktail party logic. After all, this is what we elected you to do.



Image: People for Care

War on Christmas?

The only war on Christmas I can find happened on Black Friday. It was reported on the evening news and police blotters across America. Now that it’s over, let’s all have a wonderful holiday season.