Women Inspire Change By Voting

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Hoody for Trayvon, Orange for Women

Today my avatar sports a hoody for Trayvon and is colored orange for women. These two issues are VERY related.

As a woman I know that if a stranger stalked me in his SUV, got out and approached me (with or without a gun) I would run. If he caught me I would fight with everything I had. And, if he shot and killed me he would be innocent in Florida. Yet not so long ago a Florida woman fired a warning shot at her abusive husband and got 20 years. This is not a good example of justice but it is the law.

The law is just whatever the lawmakers make it.

As citizens we need to make the connection between things like gerrymandering, big campaign funders, and the fact that the monied elite draft, distribute, and lobby for law that supports their business strategies.

“Shoot first ask questions later” laws were brought to state legislatures in 2005 by ALEC and its benefactors. In this case, the NRA and its benefactors.

Manipulating the law to sell weapons and ammo is no different than manipulating the law to sell ambulatory surgical center services. Both came from the same place, as did voter suppression strategies. It may not make sense on the surface, it may not even be ethical or moral, but it is legal and it is profitable.

One giant leap for plutocracy… for now. We will #FreeTheElected from the control of big business campaign funders and stop this fashionable trend of law for profit.


Go Orange for Texas Women

If you participate in social media and if you believe that a woman’s right to defend her life from a lethal pregnancy, or that a woman’s abilitly to choose childbirth is a right (not a privilege)  consider changing your avatar(s) from now until this Texas madness is over.

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Spread the word. Share the avatars. Make your own! The next big event at the Texas State Capitol is Monday morning. Let’s Do This.

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