TPP is a Dealbreaker

TPP is a dealbreaker

After 15 years of platitudes about job creation, I doubt that any magic pill supported by multi nationals has anything in it for me. This proposal appears to treat Corporate Officers and Investors as citizens of the world economy whereas you and I barely have the rights of an American citizen. I refuse to support this culture of financial privilege any longer.


SCOTUS on notice

If advertising and marketing didn’t make a difference in sales, American business wouldn’t spend hundreds of billions of dollars on it every year.

By making money “speech”, by extending business (even global business) personhood to virtual citizenship and right to free speech, then going one further and giving these “special” business/persons/citizens unlimited money/speech rights (when “ordinary” citizens are limited in their money/speech rights), the Supreme Court has shown its colors.

Either the SCOTUS does not know the power of advertising and marketing in determining an outcome, or it has intentionally decided to unleash that power in the political arena in way that insures the scales tip to business.

Ignorant or biased? It does not matter to me.