The 5th anniversary of the Citizens United decision is a call to action.

On January 21st I will be at Lafayette Park in Washington DC across the street from the US Chamber of Commerce. Many people representing many American walks of life will be there, and together we hope to bring LIGHT to the issue of DARK money.

I am a spark in the dark

We live in a time when a powerful few, using money as speech and hiding behind corporations as people, are influencing our elected and our judiciary to support a financial agenda in pursuit of unlimited wealth. They leave a wake of social and economic injustice that, with our without intent, cripples our nation as it tears her People apart, and threatens our very existence with indifference to consequences of their actions.

Standing up for The People is a job from which we cannot be laid-off or fired. It is, however, a job we can quit. I will never quit. The fate of this republic’s democracy is in my hands as it is in yours. If you have quit, tear up your resignation. If you have not quit, take heart. WE see the truth hidden by the smoke and mirrors of mindless media and disguised by overly clever use of the language of the law. WE are the spark that will light the fire that will create “liberty and justice for ALL”.

BE a spark in the dark

 The Chamber of Commerce is the country’s leader in dark money politics, having laundered over $31Million in the recent mid term elections to support candidates that become beholden to the wealth builder agenda. We need to let them know the time for dark money is over. Join us in Washington, DC. Or, join us by making a statement in your community. Be a spark in the dark.


Real Citizens Must Act Now

Land of the free and home of the brave. When did it become America’s job to make multi national corporations safe and profitable?

The general welfare, another patriotic catch all, is about citizens. Twist it however you want, the Citizens United decision strengthened corporate personhood, but did not make them citizens. Technically, it made them super citizens, allowing for rights of speech and politics far beyond that of mortal man, or should I say,  mortal citizen.

Making prosperity exclusive, then linking citizen rights to prosperity, is very clever. But by now most of us have seen through this magical illusion and must admit that corporations do not represent us, they represent cash.

American ingenuity, the American worker, the American culture (including the right to vote), in general, the American dream, define us and are ideals for real citizens to nurture and defend in this republic’s democracy.

Until recently, prosperity has been a byproduct of these things, not their creator.


Those we elect to office will not remember this until we put a stop to the corrupt system of influence that comes hand in hand with super citizen campaign contributions and it’s companion, second hand speech (dark money).

#FreeTheElected with publicly funded campaigns. America still has a chance.

Say NO to Citizens United: VOTE

Congratulations, Citizens United, you have succeeded in making voting a very nasty political issue. Not since the 60s has this country seen such vilification of those who would seek their lawful right to elect their representatives.

Whether financially fueling “legal” harassment like the national campaign True the Vote (aka: self-righteous-know-it-alls-out-to-prove-that creepy-people-cheat-at-the-polls), or kicking in the afterburners for all the ALEC initiated cramp-the-vote efforts in too many states, it is progressively more difficult for the mean spirited side of big money to hide its fangs.

A newly exposed mega-anti-vote cash conduit, anonymous to most, can now be tracked back via the Einhorn Foundation (infamous for the Voter Fraud is a Felony billboards in minority neighborhoods) among others, to the Bradley Foundation (a pot of gold that dwarfs the Koch Bros.), ending forever the question, “Is this a strategy?”

A nouveau-naughty-republican strategy to be more specific. “They” are powerful enough to defy any narrative attempting to give them a name that sticks. Yet we all know too many old school Rs (RINOs, for pity’s sake) mowed down by their party’s change in rhetoric toward exclusivity and actions that denigrate, rather than empower, the citizens of this republic’s democracy. It is as though they are all being swept away by a money-god-power tsunami.

Which is why I was so pleased that, when I voted by mail last week, my ballot included the question, “Shall the City urge elected representatives to support Constitutional Amendment denying artificial entities’ personhood and rejecting money as speech?”

I voted YES. Your days are numbered, Citizens United. Count on it.

SCOTUS on notice

If advertising and marketing didn’t make a difference in sales, American business wouldn’t spend hundreds of billions of dollars on it every year.

By making money “speech”, by extending business (even global business) personhood to virtual citizenship and right to free speech, then going one further and giving these “special” business/persons/citizens unlimited money/speech rights (when “ordinary” citizens are limited in their money/speech rights), the Supreme Court has shown its colors.

Either the SCOTUS does not know the power of advertising and marketing in determining an outcome, or it has intentionally decided to unleash that power in the political arena in way that insures the scales tip to business.

Ignorant or biased? It does not matter to me.

Scott Walker and Corporate Citizenship

“Dark Money” is the Seal Team 6 of the Citizens United Decision, the new wild card in our American Political Theatre.

It is bad enough that the party that claims to champion State’s rights has garnered 57% out-of-state funds to save their Wisconsin governor facing popular recall. But then, enter the corporate money hiding behind the skirts of PACs and SUPER PACs, and the interests of foreign investors now enter the political dialog as to who should govern in this democratic republic of ours.

I agree we should revisit the long road we traveled to this level of corporate personhood, however,  I do not buy the notion that personhood guarantees citizenship despite the clever name of the infamous case. Too many investor birth certificates (or should I say, passports) may make for global corporate persons: citizens of the world perhaps, but not America, let alone Wisconsin.

I think we can all agree that non-citizens should stay out of our politics, right, Florida? Arizona? North Carolina? ETC.