Go Orange for Texas Women

If you participate in social media and if you believe that a woman’s right to defend her life from a lethal pregnancy, or that a woman’s abilitly to choose childbirth is a right (not a privilege)  consider changing your avatar(s) from now until this Texas madness is over.

1002946_139292606270226_2111740785_a comeandtakeitorange_zpsfb218f26orange_cape_silver_star JeaneneOrange

Spread the word. Share the avatars. Make your own! The next big event at the Texas State Capitol is Monday morning. Let’s Do This.

Images From Left to Right:

Stand with Texas Women  –


Zebra Garden –


Power Capes –


Make your own photo orange

using “temperature”  and “brightness” on Preview!

Or, pick something orange that suits who you are.