Women Inspire Change By Voting

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Say NO to Citizens United: VOTE

Congratulations, Citizens United, you have succeeded in making voting a very nasty political issue. Not since the 60s has this country seen such vilification of those who would seek their lawful right to elect their representatives.

Whether financially fueling “legal” harassment like the national campaign True the Vote (aka: self-righteous-know-it-alls-out-to-prove-that creepy-people-cheat-at-the-polls), or kicking in the afterburners for all the ALEC initiated cramp-the-vote efforts in too many states, it is progressively more difficult for the mean spirited side of big money to hide its fangs.

A newly exposed mega-anti-vote cash conduit, anonymous to most, can now be tracked back via the Einhorn Foundation (infamous for the Voter Fraud is a Felony billboards in minority neighborhoods) among others, to the Bradley Foundation (a pot of gold that dwarfs the Koch Bros.), ending forever the question, “Is this a strategy?”

A nouveau-naughty-republican strategy to be more specific. “They” are powerful enough to defy any narrative attempting to give them a name that sticks. Yet we all know too many old school Rs (RINOs, for pity’s sake) mowed down by their party’s change in rhetoric toward exclusivity and actions that denigrate, rather than empower, the citizens of this republic’s democracy. It is as though they are all being swept away by a money-god-power tsunami.

Which is why I was so pleased that, when I voted by mail last week, my ballot included the question, “Shall the City urge elected representatives to support Constitutional Amendment denying artificial entities’ personhood and rejecting money as speech?”

I voted YES. Your days are numbered, Citizens United. Count on it.

Dear Employees, I gladly impart my wisdom: pay attention!

Dear Employees:

In this country of ours it is important to vote for the candidate of your choice. But today, more than ever, your future employment with this company depends upon how you vote.

Our shareholders, executives, corporate officers, and I have gotten used to the lifestyle afforded by today’s generous tax climate. The wrong vote could change all that.

And the idea that we might have to provide equal pay for equal work, include health insurance in your compensation, contribute to the social safety net, or help pay down the debt seems so ordinary, and not attractive to investors.

You should be grateful we haven’t sent your jobs overseas or brought in guest workers already! The wrong vote just might make us change our minds.

After all, it is money that makes money in this country, and if you want us to continue to include you in our business plans, I suggest you think twice before you make us cranky.

Best wishes for smart voting and future employment,             THE BOSS

BIG Government Hates the Vote – So VOTE

If this republic’s democracy is a team sport, what is “the game” if it is to be won by disqualifying the players?

I’m afraid it has become more like a fairy tale. The wolf in sheep’s clothing, voter suppression costumed as anti-voter fraud, is the best example of the worst a Big Bad Gov has to offer: wasting tax payers’ money to fix something that isn’t  broken.

Here’s an idea: vote out the micro-managers (the trolls under the bridge). It’s like firing a bad boss!

VOTE. Vote with a buddy or in a group. Vote early. Use your phone to photo or video anyone who tries to stop you. Ask for names on camera. Call 866-OUR-VOTE for immediate help with state-specific details. (Be prepared by going to www.866ourvote.org now.)

Heck, yell to the crowd if you have to, “Can anyone help me vote?” and see if some hero comes to the rescue! If you hear someone yell out, at least yell back, “LET HER VOTE!”. (Let’s get this back to a team sport.) Don’t leave without voting, even if it is a provisional ballot. VOTE.

Do you think I’m crying wolf? I’m afraid this creepy story is just beginning.

TEAhadists taint all Republicans

If the Tea Party is made up of good people with honest concerns looking for some changes in how the government operates, what do you call those who lurk within the Tea Party in order to conduct self serving mischief?

I call them TEAhadists, zealots at war with all-ideas-not-their-own: a cult. Hidden like insurgents in the midst of real grassroots folks, they spread their poison the same way we accuse al Qaeda of spreading their theocracy.

The latest mischief is to win an election by keeping you from voting. The True the Vote campaign sorts people off the voter rolls by challenging details of residence, like apartment buildings inaccurately on tax rolls as commercial property. Bullies at the Ballot Box is their plan to recruit 1,000,000 people to harass voters even once they reach the polls, stalling the lines and forcing as many as possible to leave before they have a chance to vote. We have all been watching the new Voter ID laws attempt to prevent the vote of the elderly, the poor, and millions of women who have not changed their names on their voter ID after they married. Even free ID is not free if we count the time and money to obtain the documents it takes to get it. We can all thank ALEC for that one.

All this back-to-pre-civil-rights-movement behavior happens with a backdrop of a propaganda paparazzi on radio, TV, and the internet that loves a well altered fact. Anger. Hate. Frustration. Hopelessness. The angst behind the faked “news”, information, and opinion would make the infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels proud.

We pat ourselves on the back when people in Iraq dip a finger in ink: we promote voting-for-all in broken nations, yet fight like hell to keep “undeserving” fingers OUT in America. Our hypocracy is not lost on the rest of the world.

In my mind it is just too hard to tell a TEAhadist from others in the Tea Party Army, and too hard to tell a Republican from a TEA, so I cannot vote for any of them. If the last two years have taught me anything, it is that even the “good ones” surrender their common sense in order to comply with orders once elected. Their voice and vote are too unanimous to be truly grass roots: there IS a man behind the curtain and we NEED to pay attention.

Join me: shun the TEAhadists and the party they use as an air bag. Register. Vote. Don’t take NO for an answer.